Happy Birthday Eve Evie

Evie’s recovery (and our own) from glandular fever is continuing. She is steadily getting better. It’s a joy to see her eating again. She gets tired more easily but she is most definitely on the mend. Being tired doesn’t mean that she sleeps though 😂.

Today we’ve been for an Opthamology Test (glasses check to you and me). She was amazing. She sat beautifully. She READ the letters on the cards – yes she READ THEM! No more symbols for this girl! Her eyesight was fab with the help of her glasses and her prescription seems right for her.

It’s notoriously hard to test a child’s eyes. For Evie in particular she gets hugely distracted by the colourful posters in the room, not to mention the other people around. She detests the eye drops that widen her pupils. We’ve had to leave appointments before because she has become so incredibly distressed.

Today I was so proud of my big girl. She took everything in her stride and charmed the entire hospital as she strode around telling everyone that she had not one, but two stickers and that it was her birthday tomorrow. Smiling and thoroughly entertained people were left in her wake.

Tomorrow she turns 8. In the last 8 years she has achieved so much more than I had initially assumed that she would. When we were given her diagnosis of Down’s syndrome the day after her birth, so much negative language and detail was given to us.

The doctor was kind…but the information negative. I automatically assumed that this little one wouldn’t be able to achieve everything that I wanted her to. How wrong I was.

Evie has achieved more than I ever could have dreamt of, regardless of her extra chromosome. What’s a chromosome really? This girl has changed not just my world but so many others. She’s a giver. She gives joy and laughter…she educates and entertains. She absolutely rocks and we couldn’t love her more.

Every person has value no matter what that person’s ability is.

So Happy Birthday Eve to our gorgeous girl. It’s the big 8 tomorrow!


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