Brexit & abuse


Ok so I wasn’t going to do this blog post, I was going to file it secretly away inside my notes. But then I see comments carrying on and I can’t leave this unsaid anymore.

Sooo this blog has been sitting here unposted since before my last blog. As we know the UK has gone slightly off the rails politically speaking (ok I lied we self-imploded to the most incredible degree and if it weren’t so serious it would make compelling viewing). Always seen as a bit of a stalwart politically worldwide, we now seem to be a bit of a laughing stock. Resignations, back stabbing, avoidance and blaming.

I’m not going to join in with the debate about remain or leave, although I do have strong views.

The influence for this post is the amount of disgusting, belittling, vitriolic comments that I have seen. The media and most of the general public are rightly horrified by the massive surge of racist assaults and incidents.

It’s wrong. We’re all bloody immigrants for goodness sake. There’s more than a little of Irish blood in my family, bound to be Roman with my Mum’s nose (sorry Mum) and undoubtedly some other bits chucked in.

What has really made me sad this week and physically sickened is the resurgence of abusive language…

Calling people





And today’s gem LIBTARD – yes isn’t that a ‘clever’ play on retard, well done that man…you must be so proud. 😡
Come on UK we are better than this! Stop it and stop it now. I hoped that I would never have to use those word again. But I have to in order to stop people using them as insults and abuse.

Every time you use those words you are mocking those with disabilities. Labelling them as worth less than you. Scorning others and saying that they are a MONG is unforgivable. The people that use this language are using it abusively.

Historically (in the not too distant past) my daughter would have been referred to as a “Mongol” or “retarded”. These words are unacceptable. They are just plain nasty. It’s not funny. It’s wrong. And I’m not being politically correct or trying to restrict your views.

I am telling you that these words hurt. They hurt me. They hurt thousands and thousands of people like me. In using them you are belittling those like my daughter.

Now I know that emotions are running high. I get that I truly do but please, please do not mock those who have done NOTHING to hurt you. They are good, decent people. And by using these derogatory terms you are in my view, committing a disability hate crime. Enough. Find some other label but leave people with disabilities out of it. Using those words hurts me, it hurts others like me and that is not ok. I’m not being sensitive, I’m asking you to stop. Just don’t use those words ever. If you hear others using them, ask them not to. It’s vile.

I’ve really tried to not blog about it but I can’t leave it anymore.

I’ve seen people explain to others why they don’t like a certain word as it derogates those with a disability…I’ve then seen the replies of their Facebook friends…they don’t care. They can say what they like.

Genuinely someone said that.

Totally ignoring the hurt that the person was feeling. That person was supposed to be their friend. For shame people.

Think before you speak. We’ve all been hurt and angry. No one wants this division but let’s stop blaming each other and look at those truly at fault.

It isn’t people with disabilities.

It isn’t even really those who voted for whatever their reasons.

It’s the people who organised the referendum and didn’t explain it fully. They didn’t make the terms and conditions clear. They caused all of this. It’s the politicians and media who have stoked this fire of hatred.

Yes we all have a responsibility but enough. Enough. No more. Be better than this.

I could rant about who did what, and who lied to who. Let’s be honest no one is smelling of roses, but there’s plenty of horse manure being freely chucked around.

We all love this country on that I think we can agree.

We all want it to be the best it can possibly be.

So stop.


Is it right to be angry with our neighbours, our friend and our family when others are getting away relatively blameless…

Who caused the rifts?

Who didn’t tell us full facts or misled us?

Please leave those least to blame out of it.

If you see a hate crime of any type, step in, report…

I’m not just talking about racism, I’m talking about sexism, disability discrimination, cruelty of any kind.

We have to look after each other because quite frankly it doesn’t seem like anyone else is going to. We can be better…we are better.


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