It really is all about Evie

Celebrating World Down’s Syndrome Day is one of my favourite things.

The anticipation of celebrating our wonderful daughter is almost too much. As ever I love the build up of events…I’m the same with Christmas and birthdays.

WDSD happens to coincidence with my Mum’s birthday. That makes it extra special and poignant. I get to enjoy what otherwise would have been a day of sorrow since my Mum died.

I know that she wouldn’t have wanted that and that celebrating Evie’s life is exactly what she would want. My mum adored Evie, she brought her such joy. She brings us all such joy.

Each day I watch Evie grow and achieve. To celebrate her life isn’t hard. To adore every inch of her being is so easy.

Today I’ve watched Evie and her sister play outside for hours in the first throws of Spring. I love that WDSD falls at this time of year…when the trees start to bud and the daffodils are waving their yellow downy heads…when the sun’s strength is just that little bit stronger, with a promise of what is to come.

This is just like Evie. She and anyone with Down’s syndrome can be whatever they want to be. Given the right amount of nurture and love, they can give far more than they take. They teach important life lessons…their spirits are unsullied and pure.

Join us in celebrating, wear you wackiest socks…mismatched…brightly coloured…show your support.

Every day with Evie is a celebration. But today we get to celebrate with the rest of the world. To the amazing Down’s syndrome community…I am privileged to be a minuscule part of this world.


#WDSD16 #myfriendsmycommunity



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