Dear Blog

Dear Blog,

A happy first blog anniversary to me…a bit late but hey, I still love you!

I’m sorry that I’ve neglected you a tad. I’ve been cheating on you with your linked Facebook page. 😜

Seriously what would I do without my blog? To have the ability to write my fears, hopes and dreams, I can document Evie’s progress.

We’re in a spate of surge of learning at the moment. Evie tends to plateau with her learning for months then suddenly does huge leaps. Last night at her parents evening, I’m not certain who was prouder…her teachers or us.

Evie has always struggled with holding a pen. Her Physio says she’s the most flexible child she’s seen and as we in the DS community know, that’s no mean feat. As she finds it hard, she’s always tended to avoid holding a pen. Evie bottom shuffled as a toddler rather than crawled and as such didn’t build up her upper body muscles.

We were unaware of the importance in later life of this. We were just glad she could move rather than being stationary (and more than a little amused!).

Over the last couple of years in particular we’ve asked her now invisible OT (sore subject!) what exercises to do…what tools we can use. In all the time of Evie having ‘support’ from her OT’s – they have been numerous in number and complaints have been made (we have only had one wonderful OT who have us any decent support). But even she was running out of ideas to help Evie…

Evie can write her name but that’s about it. She really struggles and I cannot tell you how much I would love to see her enjoy writing and drawing. Her little sister has the best pencil grip and fine motor skills and it’s hard not to envy her, when she finds it so simple and natural.

Anyway last week I was chatting to a wonderful friend who also was a SENCO about this. She told me about a product I’ve never heard of before and I bought two. One for school and one for home. And you know what? It only bloody works!!!!

I don’t want to jinx it but the difference is noticeable. Really and truly it’s like a wonder product. And this is it…


I haven’t been paid for this recommendation. I don’t get paid for blogging. I just want any parents out there or teachers to be able to know the best tools for assisting your children. Trust me this is truly awesome!!! And reasonable too!

It’s World Down’s Syndrome Day on Monday 21st March (also would have been my mummy’s 74th birthday as one relative pointed out – like I didn’t know😡…anyway…). On my FB page I’ve been sharing lots of facts and information about Down’s syndrome and if you don’t follow me on FB please take a look…you might like it.

And this is my contribution to WDSD16 for the world to see. This is us…dispelling the myths.

Oh and by way of update Evie is shortly going on a residential with her mainstream school…more to follow!

The photo at the top of the post, is this year’s WDSD outfit and new socks – the text number for our local group – the Cheshire Down’s Syndrome Group. If you would like to donate that would be awesome. We’re also supporting the Down’s Syndrome Association.


Thank you for my sanity. Dear Blog you have saved me so many times over the last year – Love me xxx



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