Blogging the unexpected

I find it bizarre how some of my better blogs are done through a fug of mixed emotions. When I am inexorably tired or wrung out…I write. These posts just flow from my finger tips. They have their own life, their own path. I just let them out.

When I write like this, it takes hours for me to really read my post. I’m so much a part of what I’ve written, that I can’t see if it’s drivel or actually ok. I wonder if I’m alone in that.

My blog is my heart. I speak or rather blog as I find. It’s my mouthpiece. My venting post. I can set the world to rights in a few hundred words. I can make sense of my emotions and process what I need to do next. I don’t see my blog as massively influential. My reach isn’t why I blog. I blog for clarity of mind. I’ve always found that I write things down to make sense of them.

I remember being desperate for a pen and paper in the early hours of the morning, in hospital after Evie’s diagnosis. I have reams of notes that I wrote then. They sit even now in my bedside drawer, a reminder of my feelings then. Yes I was shocked and scared but more than that, so obviously overwhelmingly in love with Evie. That love shines through any fear.

One of my friends had a beautiful baby a few months after Evie was born; she also was blessed with an extra chromosome. Together with the gifts for this beautiful tot, I gave a notepad…a really pretty one (I had notepad envy). Something that my lovely friends could use to make notes for appointments, list or just scribble down their feelings. I don’t know whether they ever used it, but for me it was something truly practical and useful that I wish I had been given at the time of Evie’s birth.

Parenthood is a funny old thing…so much happens in such a short space of time that we often forget important little things. I love that I can read over things that I may have otherwise forgotten and I do hope that in some small way, maybe some other parent will come across something in my post that will help them.

I do see these posts as love letters to my children. Evie naturally but also Joshua and Hattie too. One day, I hope that they will understand my need to write and will see how they together with their Daddy and others make up my entire world.

There is great power in the written word. Not only for the reader but the writer achieves massive satisfaction from being able to connect with their reader, being able to explain a situation and to process whatever thoughts are in their mind.

Writing heals. It spreads the word.


Whilst I’m on the note of blogging take a look at some of these awesome bloggers…clearly I’m not the only one with the need to write ☺️

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And finally written by my bestie –
“If you jump in muddy puddles”


2 thoughts on “Blogging the unexpected

  1. Thank you Sweetie!I am avoiding a blog at the moment.It’s written but needs editing and it’s a bit painful-so am putting it on hold and enjoying reading everyone else. After half term I’ll sit down with a strong cup of coffee and open that vein.Nice work with the Facebook page that’s on my to do list too!

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  2. I am in the same boat. When I blog about some event that just happened that was emotionally taxing it just rolls out and then I am able to reflect and figure out or rather through what I am actually feeling about it. I can process it better than talking about it. Thanks for the post, Evie is adorable!

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