Well Done!

We’ve come a long way in two years.

Two years ago Evie wouldn’t have been able to manage what she has done today.

This post follows beautifully from my last…the baby steps are working. Sensory issues…pah…you didn’t beat her today.

Today Evie not only sat throughout her entire school Christmas play but she fully participated too.

We sat huddled so she wouldn’t see us. We didn’t want to distract her.

And we watched her throughout. The play as usual was beautiful. Full of laughter and love. But I only had eyes for one child. My beautiful angel Evie.

She did so incredibly well.

I am so proud of all that she has achieved. All that she takes on and I’m so thankful for her lovely school and wonderful school friends.

I watched her dancing on the stage, joining in with all of the different parts of the play. Then it was her turn.

She stood on stage with her classmates, she danced, she sang and she even said her line perfectly…

“Well Done!”

Well done indeed, my little angel. Well done indeed.


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