The Joker

I’ve said before that Evie is a joker…..

She is a funny, manipulative terror who makes my heart sing with laughter (and often tear my hair out with frustration at her teasing!)

Today when I was reprimanding Evie for pushing her sister over for the millionth time, I was told “you’ve got a grumpy face mummy”. Tell me how I’m supposed to not laugh at that…talk about disarming me.

She then puts her beautiful face in yours and grins manically. And I laugh despite my best efforts.

You try to take a photo, she pulls a funny face.

Her school report, in places reflects this joy in teasing adults.

Evie has to be bribed in school to include number 4 (her teacher’s words not mine). She knows number 4 exists and where it should be, but she delights in leaving it out. To watch our frustration and ultimate realisation that she is having a giggle.

She is so full of life and laughter. She should be on the stage.

Number 4 is the bane of my life. My neighbours must have seen me walking up the road with Evie so many times singing….1, 2, 3 and 4!!! And on 4 we jump! Repeat, repeat, repeat. She delighted in skipping over it for months. And now it’s number 7. Poor old number 7 😂🙈

Before number 4, it was colours. Blue would be red, red would be blue. I’d be thinking does she know?

When she was muddling green and red, I wondered if she was colour blind.

She’s not.

She was just teasing me. MUST TRY HARDER MUMMY!

She gets no greater pleasure than teasing adults. She is astute. She wants to have fun and so she does. The twinkle in her eye when she is teasing is just a joy to behold.

I’m slowly learning to go with the flow. It can be hard to fathom what she understands and what she doesn’t, when she plays games like this. So I must take a deep breath and laugh and try, try again. If she sees my frustration, she exploits it as an area for a potential gag at mummy’s and daddy’s and her teacher’s expense.

Seriously though, do your children do this? I’m never quite sure what Evie knows and doesn’t…

Any tips for dealing with a joker?!!


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