Who would want to be a tooth fairy?

It’s official.

My baby girl is now 7 years old. No longer a baby but always my baby.

As I look back on the photos from the day she was born, I get chills. So much has happened within those 7 years. Awful things yes but many truly wonderful things and they all started with Evie.

Evie’s diagnosis on the day after she was born was the moment our world turned. Slowly as she has grown, so have I. I’ve changed into a far more compassionate being and I pin it mainly at her door.

Evie’s birthday this year was incredible. Now I also had an amazing birthday this year thanks to my girls but Evie’s birthday beat mine hands down.

We had the usual mad opening of cards and gifts (thank you friends and family). Then the party began…bouncy castle party. The best thing we have ever done for a party. The children loved it. We had a small party but it meant the children who came had the castle to themselves. Evie was in her absolute element.

She lost a tooth on the bouncy castle – who knew it was wobbly? And she definitely swallowed it. The tooth fairy has had a job and a half collecting it 😂🙈😁

Usually she gets a bit overwhelmed and hides. Not this year…she led the way. She bounced longer and stronger than anyone else. She ate more. She did her own version of a cake smash – ie grabbed it with her fingers when no one was looking!

Later that day just after bathtime, I was ensconced in the bathroom with Evie…..my phone started to go message mad. I looked in disbelief. Friends messaging and posting about Evie being on the BBC’s The One Show. They had wished her a happy birthday. Now in the morning I had posted a photo on one of their Facebook posts after a friend had tagged me. I thought no more of it and to be honest we were having way too much fun!

So we watched as my phone went mental and here it is! In it’s absolute glory! Shamelessly I cried. I have watched the clip hundreds of times now as has Evie.

I love that it’s only her who is wished a happy birthday. Yup that’s right pushy mother right here…but far more than that I LOVE that there is no mention of her Down’s syndrome. It’s just not an issue. She’s just like any other child. That I love. Maybe I’m too sensitive. But for me it was total acceptance and inclusion.

It was the most perfect end to an awesome day.


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