And I’m back!!!

It’s all gone quiet….

You thought I’d gone didn’t you?! Haha! No such luck! 😉

Well it had gone quiet….we have had the most superlative summer. Evie never fails to amaze me. Her understanding and interest grows daily. The wonderful orange juice flavour sky shared this recently,


I think, ok, ok, I have most definitely been guilty of this…but as ever my little…big beautiful girl kicks my thoughts out of touch…

You may have guessed that this girl is my world. She is. She’s a life changer, a world changer, not just mine but countless others….yes there are some things that are hard for her but my god she takes those things in her own time and she beats them.

We went for bloods tests recently. She amazed me and the nurse with her wisdom. She told the nurse exactly what was going to happen to her “flumb”…it would be wiped, then pricked , then bled and the doctor would say if she was ok or needed more medicine. She said she would also get a sticker and chocolate (now I said NOTHING about chocolate cheeky monkey!). Yeah I know to average parents this is no biggie but this is incredible! She showed understanding. I hadn’t particularly prepped her. I hadn’t mentioned the wipe or the chocolate. She knew and remembered from months ago.

With it being holidays we’ve pushed her limits. We’ve gone to places that would bring on sensory overload and refusals. She has had meltdowns but they have been minimal. We’ve watched her play with her sister, fight and learn with her. We’ve watched her sister encourage her to try things and we’ve given her choices to try things and then leave if she doesn’t like it…she understood the choices and consequences. The option of choice seemed to give her the strength to try new things.

It’s been an awesome summer. I am so proud of my little tink. Time to share some gratuitous photos…..



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