Make a Wish

7 years ago I was heavily pregnant with the delectable Evie. It was my 30th birthday.

I sat in court on a memorable MPS suit (divorce type of case) with the litigant in person from hell as my opponent.

It was HOT unlike today and the room was like a sauna. I was officially on maternity leave but like the idiot I was, I agreed to go in for this particular matter.

I sat some of the time, waiting as usual, and dreamt of the next few weeks when I knew my little one would finally make her appearance.

This week I’ve had several friends have their beautiful babies and those gorgeous milk drunk and new born photos have brought it all back.

Today for the first time ever Evie has sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to me. For the past few years she screamed whenever anyone sang (and no our singing isn’t that bad! πŸ˜‰πŸ™‰) and cried and refused to participate.

This year as per my other recent posts has seen a massive leap in her understanding and abilities.

As much as I will never forget Evie being born and kicking me senseless all those 7 years ago, I know that I will never forget today. She has been excited for me, singing to me, wishing me Happy Birthday at every given opportunity…her enthusiasm is contagious. This is the most enjoyable birthday that I have had in years.


Children help to capture that excitement that we had as children. They give more than they take.

Today also happens to be the International Day of Friendship. In the last 7 years my friendships have changed beyond recognition. I have lost many ‘friends’ but gained many more. I am not afraid to stand my ground, be true to myself and do what I think is absolutely right. 7 years ago I would do what I thought others would think was right….to try to meet expectations that many others set.

For the first time in my 37 years I am totally content with who I am, who I have been and who I will continue to be. Circumstances have changed me, happiness and sorrow…but above anything else Evie has changed me, bettered me, settled me. I wish I could go back and warn my 30 year old self that the next few years were going to be horrifically tough, many losses and changes but it would all be ok…more than ok….I would be happier than I have ever been.

So to all my lovely friends thank you for your birthday wishes, thank you for your friendship and your support through everything 😘.

To those who are reading this not knowing me and mine, then believe this I am lucky. I have a child blessed with an extra chromosome. I can never be given any gift greater than she.


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