Ups and Downs

Today I am thinking of all the positives over the last year and all the crap too.

The ups and downs – forgive me, I’d like to say no pun intended but there was…and I wonder where Evie gets her sense of humour from (patting self on back 😉).

So the review….

Evie had a hard start to year 1. Huge shock to the system and as such a huge shock to us. Her behaviour went so far off the track, we didn’t know if we’d get her back again. It’s hard seeing your baby so dreadfully unhappy (and no matter how big she is, she will always be my beautiful, perfect dot).

She couldn’t cope – it was too much. She was out of control and she reacted in the only ways she knew how. Fortunately her school supported our view. After a battle of gargantuan proportions with the LEA she got what she needed, a dual placement arrangement.

I’ve battled to get her physically into school. Had to phone her TA for support to coax her in.

Months in and she’s my Evie again. Funny, clever, noisy and above everything else happy. She’s also a bossy, opinionated, rough, stubborn and single-minded.

She wrote a letter E, she drew a face, she recognises numbers…she counts and includes number 4 (previously a huge stalling point).

She has had some health issues. New meds we’re getting used to.

Sleep (😴 what’s that?!) is an ongoing theme…I guess we’re used to it. She sleeps or she doesn’t. Nothing we do makes much difference.

This year has been rough. I thought (naively) as she got older, it would be easier. We wouldn’t have to battle for support or for people to listen.

It seems that each year has it’s different battles. But I am so proud of everything that my beautiful girl has achieved. I may have a couple of grey hairs this year but they’re worth it. To see her happy again. To hear her giggle that melts my heart.

I am learning with her. She teaches me. She teaches us all. And now it’s summer…fun time! (Silently praying for peace and harmony and good health! 😁)


3 thoughts on “Ups and Downs

  1. Our children really are our best teachers aren’t they. The goal posts change and so do the challenges and joys, but we are all in it together. Lovely post. Hayley x


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