Today is the day!!!!

Sooooooo today is the day

The day I’ve been waiting for;

For so many years I’ve seen other children begin to mark make, write letters, structure sentences;

Last week she wrote a letter E for Evie;

But today….

Today she did it!

The thing that I’ve been saying so flippantly for so many years;

Whilst all the time knowing that I wasn’t being flippant at all;

Knowing that I couldn’t wait for this day;

Well today is THE day!

The day that my nearly 7 year old drew a face 😄!

A fully recognisable face!

She sat in the study and I watched her draw. She’s been so poorly for the last two weeks. And she still manages to leap forward in learning! 😀

Small steps for some, giant leap for others!

You may now continue your business….just had to share. Super proud mummy here!


2 thoughts on “Today is the day!!!!

  1. Simply wonderful! And what a portrait! You must go and link up to Small Steps Amazing Achievements with this post x


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