Be Brave

Bravery comes in so many guises.

I have so many heroes.

Close to home –
My parents for being definitely the best; my brother for having born so many hard times, yet still fighting and being there for us.

But Evie is my favourite.

Maybe it’s the way she tells people to “Be brave”…perhaps that’s why she tops my list of heroes. There are so many things that she does that have me in awe of her.

Today I watched my water baby swim more than a few strokes without floats to mine and her instructor’s delight. She struggles with both gross and fine motor skills. This achievement has been a long time coming. She has never given up. The visible progress had me applauding from poolside.

Sometimes her development seems to plateau then boom….high leaps forward. As has happened over the last few weeks. Massive progression in so many areas…speech, swimming, writing, comprehension, safety, height…literally all jumped forward massively. (Shame sleep isn’t on the list 😂😂 #runningthemeoftheblog

I watched her yesterday struggle to write the letter E again, following on from her awesome attempt at school. She did it and this will be framed! She struggles to hold a pen. As she finds it hard, she tends to avoid it. Yesterday she copied me writing a list. After a few attempts I suggested as write her name and there was an E!

I watch her take her detested medicine 3 times a day, everyday. She has a mantra “The doctor says it makes me better” – takes said medicine and grimaces. But she does it. Generally with good grace.

I watch her at times struggle to comprehend what her classmates are doing and sometimes runs and hides with me in fear. But she returns to them and tries again.

I watch her hug and integrate as best as she can. And I watch her classmates not only welcome her and actively seek her out.

I watch her follow her heart. She does what she likes. She tries to conform to society’s expected standards but invariably her Evie-ness arises and rules. She has character. An attitude that life is for living.

I watch her changing the world right before my eyes. She may not realise that she is doing this, but I see it. It gives me so much heart to see her enjoyment in her life.

I watch her grow.

I watch her achieving things that I only ever dreamt of.

I watch her love and laugh. I watch her moan, groan and occasionally growl. I watch her thriving in her environment both at schools and at home.

Evie is my hero. She is bravery personified. She takes uncomfortable situations and masters them. Until ultimately she thrives. No matter how long it takes. She may need support but she does achieve in the end.

I watch her teaching and educating. No matter where we are…
In the car waving to other road users…
In the shop demanding to be allowed to use the self service checkout by herself….
In the swimming pool diving and swimming and being gloriously and quite terrifyingly confident….
In nursery where she became a firm favourite (if not the favourite)….
In school where they learn with her and adore her…

I watch her entertain her classmates, her teachers, the professionals, her family and friends. I am biased but I have never known anyone to not immediately adore her.

It’s a lesson that she’s taught me. To be brave. To lighten up. To take whatever is thrown our way and not only deal with it but to try to master it. And if we fail at first, don’t worry you’ll do it one time. And if you don’t well at least you tried and had fun in doing so.


4 thoughts on “Be Brave

  1. Love this. What a superhero she is. I think I’m going to write a blog post about the mum’s of superheroes cos I think they must be megaheroes without any real recognition. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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