No Mummy!

Evie is a chatterbox.

A first class, gold-medal-award-winning chatterbox.

When she was born we had no idea if she would walk or talk. At 6 weeks old her health visitor was astounded when Evie watched me walk out of the room. Apparently that’s not ‘normal’ for a child with Down’s syndrome.

Evie and so many others with disabilities challenge these misguided perceptions. They challenge them by simply being themselves.

One thing that I have learnt to appreciate since her sister was born, is the joy of a delayed learning. Evie does learn slower than her peers. Things take a while for her to grasp. But she does and will achieve them with the right positive support.

Her sister is now 2. Hattie picks skills and tasks up so quickly; it’s like she doesn’t have to even try. That I find astounding….I know most kids do this. But I’ve never seen it first hand. Hattie’s fine motor skills have me in awe of her every day.

She has hit the terrible 2’s with a vengeance. It’s like all the grief that I have my parents and come back 100 fold 😳. Hattie’s terrible 2’s have converged with Evie becoming the world’s biggest chatterbox. Now she’s always liked the sound of her own voice. Now she has the ultimate control of it and don’t we know it! Between them it’s a terribly noisy house!

Evie doesn’t have a volume control (more’s the pity!) and everything is full blast, regardless of where we are or what hour it is.

I love this. I love her empowerment of spirit. Her belief in what story she’s telling. The giggles that are thrown in.

What I have discovered since she’s attended school is that her speech has massively increased as her vocabulary. Words that we don’t use seem to crop up on a daily basis….
“I hate school”
“School is boring”
“Go way”
“No mummy”

In turn Evie has kindly shared these gems of learning with her younger sister. So what was a relatively peaceful household now has two children saying all of the above and more 😂

And though it often annoys me to be told ‘no’ and to ‘go way’ plus her new one of ‘go to work’ (which she also barked at her 1:1 😂), I can’t help but rejoice in her confidence. In the characters that are developing before me.

As sisters they often fight. But more often learn from each other and adore one another.

I didn’t realise when Evie was tiny that normal development was so fast. I appreciate each gain so much more than I ever did. I know that she plateaus for months then suddenly, she achieves something massively….

*Cough cough* drum roll please…

For example

This week


Not much to you, but to me and her dad and her teachers (who cheered so much they frightened her a tad at the time😁) it’s a truly incredible achievement.

We all move so fast. We fail to see the beauty and the skill that most things require. Evie has taught me to appreciate life. We all need an Evie in our lives.


2 thoughts on “No Mummy!

  1. Lovely!Seeing Pearl develop makes me think that normal development is miraculous-don’t find it odd that she struggles but that everyone else does it all with such ease!Well done on the E-her teachers sound great.Have shared a video on fb that school showed us-get the tissues ready!

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