Summer Daze

I love the summer.

Lighter nights and mornings.

No coats.

Playing outside.

Paddling pools.

Windows thrown open.

The heat.

Laughter, so much laughter.

Fewer bugs and infections.


Summer for me brings the world to life. I do love spring as it’s an indication of what’s to come, nature celebrating it’s rejuvenation.

But summer is the ultimate party……I realise more each year how I adore these months of the year.

I love seeing people’s social media pages filled with blue sky photos, beach shots, flowers, paddling pools…..such a joyous time. And the promise of the school break.

I love the smells of the BBQ’s, the freshly mown grass, even the farmer’s muck spreading!

Time to get away. To plan. To enjoy. To recharge. Everyone seems calmer…sometimes fraught through heat but generally everything is better in the sun.

Evie thrives in the sun. Yes she says that it’s too bright 😂 but she grows. She tries more things. She is unstoppable in the paddling pool or running around the garden. No wrapping her up in cotton wool for fear of catching yet another bug.

I love to watch her running in the sun, summer dress flying, hat askew….

It’s freeing. Thank you Summer…you’re doing a great job so far! Please continue!

(Totally ignoring the shady hayfever that strikes! 😁)


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