A Sporting Chance

It’s Sports Day!!

Last year Evie did so incredibly well. She won the egg and spoon race (cheating).

This year I was nervous again. Her 1:1 wasn’t available this afternoon and I was apprehensive as to how she would be. She’d been in a funny mood all morning….keeping her 1:1 on her toes.

We had a picnic lunch. She sat and ate beautifully.

Then came the big event….sports day.

She trooped out with her classmates. She sat and waited for her turn.

Then came race 1 – the egg and spoon race.

I watched her with baited breath….

She walked quickly in the most perfect straight line holding her egg and spoon. Through the old adage of less haste and more speed, she finished SECOND!!!!!

She was so amazing!!! I shouted and Hattie shouted! And she was just plain old fabulous!!!!!!

The year before she was guided to keep within the lines. This year there was no such trouble. She was AWESOME!

Race 2 – the running race! She ran and ran and ran…..I have no idea where she finished she just ran!

The improvement in her is so incredible.

To say that we are proud is an understatement.

But I am also so proud of her wonderful school. The older pupils all help the younger pupils. They help to run the sports day. It is so lovely to see so many caring children. They are all a true credit to the school and to their parents.

Inclusion works on so many levels. For the pupils with additional needs of course but also their families and the other children in their schools. Evie does need the support of a dual placement arrangement with her special school but she is balancing this well.

What children with additional needs actually need from society is a sporting chance…..


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