The Joy of Reading

The amount of STUPID things I thought when Evie was born sometimes runs through my head.

The one thing I had always dreamed about was sharing books and reading with my little girl. I wanted her to be able to adore books as much as I did. So much so that the first thing that I bought when I was pregnant, was a special book of nursery rhymes and stories just for her.

I remember standing in our local specialist book store. The one where everyone heads for university texts, the best store in town. The one where I could live. I browsed and stroked the beautiful books on my lunch hour, until I found the perfect book. *sighs at the memory*

I love books. I could read forever and not get bored. Books are my happy place. My safety.

Whenever times are hard, I hit the books.

I have one for every occasion…..

Pride and Prejudice
Jane Eyre
Harry Potter – each and every book…
Lord of the Rings Trilogy
The Shell Seekers
A Winter’s Solstice
Vanity Fair

I could go on….I read and re-read. I break their spines through reading them so often. My mum was a bookbinder by trade. She used to fix my books for me when I had broken them. She was a skilled lady.

Books really have saved me on so many occasions. When I was in labour with Joshua, knowing full well that he would be born asleep (stillborn); I paced up and down our room reading the Fellowship of the Ring. I needed a made-up world with no children, no babies. A book that had no surprises for me but would take me into another world.

Likewise when I am so brutally tired but need to calm…I hit Harry Potter for my fix. The writing is so calming to me.

The Shell Seekers takes me to sunnier, gentler times. Happy memories.

A Winter’s Solstice takes me to Christmas time. Sad but happy too. Life affirming.

You see this is what I thought Evie would miss out on. How wrong I was. Evie is learning to read. Slowly but surely she is beginning her reading path. But what I had failed to appreciate is that she would love books, regardless of if she could actually read them. She loves the pictures and tells her own story from them. She has such an active imagination. She gives me so much joy to listen to her and her story.

At school her happy place is the reading tree or reading corner. I was so naive to think that she wouldn’t be able to appreciate the beauty of reading.

I guess genetics are what they are. You either love books or you don’t. She’s a book worm….and I couldn’t be prouder 😄.


2 thoughts on “The Joy of Reading

  1. Oh yes!I am the same as you-and had bought books for my children before I was pregnant(how arrogant the assumptions we make!)Pearl has always loved books from tiny-and loves the library and the reading corners at school and Brownies.I don’t know is she’ll ever decode the writing but I know she loves books.By the way her choice of half term story from me this morning was “Antique Trades Gazette”!Like mother….

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    1. Oh that’s awesome! Evie reads Junction 16 magazine that drops through the letterbox! 😂
      In fact she will read anything and everything….definitely like her mum. Her stories are far more interesting than what’s in the magazines really!


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