Don’t Panic!

Evie has a new skill….”Yay!” you think?

Let me tell you more….

It involves using her fine motor skills…..”excellent” you think?

She has to pinch her fingers together, grip an object and turn it forcibly. “Fantastic!” 😳


These fine motor skills have been put to exceptional, heart stopping, mummy scream-induced panic use….

Evie can turn keys in locks.


How did I find this out? We were popping out to the shops. Hattie nearly strapped in the car. Evie standing on the drive by my side. Hattie starts asking for Tom (her baby). I trot inside to grab the said Tom. I hear a bang. The front door has been closed by Evie. I’m inside. She’s outside. She turns the key in the front door and locks me in.

I run to the door (Tom in tow, can’t forget him!). Knock on the window and ask Evie to unlock the door. She tries. She can’t. It seems her fine motor skills only work at locking doors… far. I panic. I scream (only a bit honest!). I run and grab the side door keys. Thank god we have spare keys inside. All the time I’m thinking –

Can I climb out of the window…no they’re locked.

What if she’s run into the road and got knocked over?

What if she’s ran to the canal (at the bottom of our road) and jumped in?

I ran round the house, unlocked the gate and raced to the front door. Where was she? Where was she?

Standing by the front door. Waiting for me.

Needless to say I am suitably impressed with her fine motor skills, her not running off and most importantly of all she knew that she shouldn’t have closed and locked the door. Evie says sorry A LOT. But it’s rare that the understanding behind the sorry is there.

Panic over. More than a little bit of pride is edging in…..


(Well until we go for the thyroid test…in about 2 hours….)


3 thoughts on “Don’t Panic!

  1. Clever Evie. Most impressed with the not running off bit if I’m honest. That’s a major celebration point x


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