Precious Moments

Sometimes I can’t find the right words to say how things make me feel….

Sometimes some things just make me cry….

Hormones? Possibly

Sleep deprivation? Most definitely!

I saw a clip today on social media…it had me in tears. Full on ugly crying 😒

The clip is beautiful and poignant in its own right. But it’s what it reminded me of that really got me. The film is taken by a mum of her son’s sports day. He has Cerebral palsy. He didn’t have to participate in the race that he was in but he wanted to. He got tired and then, well look at the rest. I promise you it’s worth it!

It reminded me of Evie’s last sports day. Rob and I knew that her TA and teacher had been working endlessly to get Evie to understand the egg and spoon race. To understand that she had to stay in the lines. We were apprehensive. Evie’s school is incredibly inclusive (more than many I know) but we were still nervous. What of? Stupidly what others may say or think. Sometimes Evie won’t do what she’s supposedly to do (shock!!!!!!) We didn’t want anyone judging our gorgeous girl.

The first race and she was awesome. With lots of guidance she ran and ran and eventually finished the race.

The second race came – the egg and spoon. SHE WON! Yes there was MUCH cheating by everyone to make sure she won. But if I could just show you her face. Her glorious, perfect face lit up with the knowledge that she had won, she had made people so happy and people were chanting her name and cheering her on…….πŸ˜„

As I type this nearly a year on, I’m crying again. That memory, that beautiful, perfect memory. To all that were there that day I don’t think that I can ever thank you enough. You gave us such a precious memory.


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