The Power of Laughter

So I’ve been feeling a teeny, tiny bit cheesed off this week.

Irritated by the lack of social conscience that this country and society has shown to those who are most vulnerable; the selfish “lining one’s own pockets mentality” has cut me to the core.

I had hoped for better. I know that I’m far from alone in feeling like this. It’s not that ‘my team’ lost. It’s more than I am terrified for my children’s future…..particularly Evie.

The first action of our new government was to announce plans to restrict the assistance made available for certain disabled people in employment. A tad of shooting one’s self in the foot Mr Cameron.
You want people to work but you don’t give them the tools. They end up staying on the very benefits that you want them off (*whispers* I don’t think he wants them to work do you?)……

*coughs and shakes self*

Anyway it wasn’t just that-

It’s post holiday blues

AND the third sickness bug for Evie in four weeks. Combining all of this with Evie’s sleep disappearing down our local canal I’m feeling a bit of a wreck.

THEN I see people beginning to stand up for what they believe in. Joining parties, starting groups, signing petitions, talking about politics and the impact that this government has and will have on us all as a society…I begin to hope…

THEN I hear laughter. I hear my beautiful children giggling. The kind of laugh that comes from deep inside, the type that warms my heart….

THEN I get told a story by a friend (who shall remain nameless) about her locking herself out of her garden…resulting in climbing over a gate – I believe the phrase is that “you have to have been there” 😂….

THEN I see a photo of my best friend’s beautiful children howling with laughter. You know one of those photos that is pure joy….yes that. It made me cry. Cry to see such beautiful, happy faces….

ADD to this the wonderful ‘Marvellous’ winning at the BAFTA’s….in the words of the great Nello

“I always wanted to be happy, so I decided to be.”


3 thoughts on “The Power of Laughter

  1. I have a tin that says(printed-tins can’t speak you know) “a day without laughter is a day wasted”true dat. also there’s only one Neil Baldwin -so pleased to see him on the Awards!


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