The importance of breathing…..

We have just had the most awesome break. A weekend at center parcs with friends.

And so we’re back….

Back to reality….

Back to the daily grind….

We stayed in the most lovely lodges with our amazing friends. We swam, laughed, played, ate and drank to our hearts’ content.

Whenever we go to places we are always cautious about preparing Evie. She doesn’t take to new places easily. We have to make sure that they are safe. This is what we love about center parcs. Little traffic, wide paths, disability accessible, takeaway food delivered to your table.

The pool is awesome. A bit like Waterworld (Stokies will know what I mean!) but cleaner and bigger changing rooms. Well thought out.

Yes there were some meltdowns. But in the main we had a winning holiday.

Evie went on a pedalo. I hold my hands up – I was expecting her to jump in or have a meltdown on the pedalo. Yes she was a tad wet and cold, but she loved it!

She ate in a restaurant. Ok it was nuggets and fries….but my she sat and ate. No meltdown. And she ate brilliantly.

She went on the water slides. She may have freaked out at the showers as we walked past and hated the noise of the crashing waves….but she swam every day.

And the parents? What did we do?

We made time for ourselves. We took it in turns to have a break. A sauna, a whirlpool bath, a walk to the shops, a cocktail or two, takeaways delivered each night…..

As time goes on I realise the importance of taking time out. We all need a break. When you have a child who has additional needs, you do actually need that break more. You have to look after yourself. Literally no one else will win.

So take time out for you. A long soak in the bath, read that chapter of your book, have a cocktail, have a walk in the evening sun, start a hobby (you may not have much time but 5 mins colouring-in will do so much good (don’t laugh)). I know a lot of SN parents struggle to find two minutes for themselves, I often do. But do try. We all carry so much tension in all of our lives. We need to calm. Tension causes anxiety, anxiety and depression. Worry, fear…..

Be kind to yourself….
Do something for you today….
Learn to breathe….

I can highly recommend a Long Island Tea 🍸


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