You don’t want to read this….

Now I’ve got your attention 😉

As a family we are lucky. Evie and her sister have a wonderful grandad and uncle.

This is a blog all about Evie, and this is one aspect of Evie’s life. Something that affects us all.

Evie however knows many things that a child of her age shouldn’t know or be aware of.

She has speech and language difficulties, a learning delay; yet she knows that her Uncle Mark has to dialyse to ‘make him better’ and that ‘it cleans his blood’. She will happily sit next to him for hours whilst he dialyses and chatters away.

She’s gentle and caring. She shouts for her Grandad if she’s worried about her Uncle Mark. Grandad doubles as her Uncle’s home dialysis nurse.

When Evie sees Mark dialysing she takes on a gentle, caring role. She knows that this machine helps to make him feel better. She is brave and not afraid unlike many adults (her own father included!) when they see the machine, that saves his life.

He has had three kidney transplants. One lasted 10 years, the next one month being removed on his 21st birthday and the last one lasted less than 9 years….

They don’t last forever unlike what you see in the soaps (remember Tracy Barlow had a kidney transplant……you never hear anything about that). Care is ongoing with a transplant. There is always the possibility of the transplant being rejected as has happened in my brother’s case.

I’m not professing to know all about transplants. I only know what I’ve seen. I’ve seen my parents fight for my brother’s life, argue with doctors (wonder where I get my fighting spirit from?! 😂), travel the country for medical treatments, watched them train as dialysis nurses, watched my brother be operated on more times than I can count.

I watched him have seizures from fluid overload, been prepared for his death on more occasions than I care to remember, and yet he’s still here.

I watched him needle himself, burst blood vessels and be beyond incredibly brave.

He currently dialyses every two days for a minimum of 4 hours, plus the cleaning and preparation of the machine AND he holds down a full time, extremely responsible job.

There are so many people out there waiting for transplants to save their lives. It may not be a forever fix but it would certainly improve their quality of life, prolong their life….that’s a gift you could give.

I’m asking you to consider registering to donate your organs. Let’s be frank, you won’t need them after you’re gone. And they can change someone else’s lives…..go on….

Do something amazing… could be a life saver…..

And Mark I know you hate talking about yourself, so I’ll do it for you. We’re very proud of you x 😁😉


3 thoughts on “You don’t want to read this….

  1. Uncle Mark is one brave man! He has been through so much but still has a smile every time I see him. I remember his 1st day on dialysis at east Birmingham children’s hospital, it was my first day getting my check up there too. Sending all your family my love x


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