Looks and Politics

I have opinions on a lot of things. And my apologies, yes this is in part about politics….

I am educated and I don’t think I’m easily led. I like to do my own research and form my own opinion.

This blog is about Evie and I try to keep it to issues about her.

However I have in my own life been arguing with all and sundry about politics. Each party has their own policies about disabilities, the NHS, privatisation, Europe, the welfare state, immigration, wankers (sorry typo) bankers….

I agree with some parties on some things, not so much on others. There isn’t one party that I totally agree with but I have made my choice.

We all have the right to our own opinion. To make informed decisions based on fact not rhetoric.

BUT what really has irritated me is how shallow people’s judgements are. I have seen so many comments about:
‘I’m not voting for that ugly/geek/nerd/ insert your own insult”

Why does this bother me?

We are given the option to vote. People fought and died for us to have this chance.
The least we can do is to honour them and their sacrifices, by making an informed choice.

If someone makes a decision based on looks and thinks that is ok, then what chance does that give Evie and all of our children for the future?

If people can make such a massive decision based on someone’s look, then how the hell will they judge my beautiful daughter?

How can we teach our children about the true value of life, when decisions are made in such a vacuous manner?

How can we expect inclusion to work?

I talk a lot about society. I think we all have a moral responsibility to do what is right and not be selfish. To judge someone based on looks alone is utterly reprehensible.

It’s what’s inside that counts. When will society learn?

(The pic I chose is purely because this little one completes me regardless of how she looks or is genetically made up!)


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