I’ve talked a great deal about Evie and our lives.

It’s fact that people with Down’s Syndrome are developmentally delayed to some extent. But in real terms what does that actually mean? On a day by day practical level….

For us it means that her understanding of certain things is at present limited. She is learning to read (I’m ignoring writing at the min 😳) and counting is a work in progress….;

She doesn’t understand that she can hurt someone by pushing them over;

She doesn’t know her own strength;

She doesn’t understand that if she runs into the road, she places herself in danger;

She doesn’t understand that you don’t go up to people and hug them;

She doesn’t understand that fire is hot. She knows the words and repeats them but the meaning behind them isn’t quite there yet;

She doesn’t understand danger or fear in any way shape or form;

She will get there. She will read and write. She will become aware of dangers…….all when she is ready.

How does this affect us?

Honestly we live on our nerves. We literally never know what she is going to do next. My unpredictable rebel lives life in the fast lane.

We try to keep her safe at all times. We think about where we’re going, what may upset her and if she will be safe.

It has been a tad upsetting when I know that Evie has lashed out at another child. I’m sorry to say that I have now developed an incredibly thick skin when these things happen. It’s not that I don’t care, as I do, it’s just one of those things that you kind of get used to.

She doesn’t mean to do what she does. She can’t help it. It’s like a brain fart – it just happens. No restraint. Just pop.

After a recent ‘incident’ I asked her to tell me what had happened. To my delight she told me exactly what had happened. This is awesome as she has actually TOLD me, accurate events and not a made up story, nor something impossible to understand.

So I then said….
Why did you do it?”
Because what

We’ll work on this bit later…..😂😂

One step at a time….

In every day there are little instances of progress. We take them as they come and they mean way more than most people can imagine

One thought on “Because

  1. She WILL get there – and the brain farts will become fewer and one day you will wonder that you no longer live in a constant state of anxiety. And sooner than you think 😊 thank goodness!!

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