Small Steps

I always say that Evie does things in her own time. When she’s ready. On her terms.

Walking is one of those things. Evie was a late walker. She began to bottom shuffle aged 1. I remember turning around and not being able to figure out how she had moved.

If you’ve never seen a bottom shuffler, you’re missing out. This flexible child shuffling on her bottom across the room at light speed.

Then aged 2.5 she began to take her first independent steps. The most awesome thing I have EVER seen. My child upright. And taking her first stumbling steps.

It took us a time to understand why Evie found things harder. Yes she had flexible joints. Her orthotist takes great joy in looking at her flexible ankles. It was at some point explained that this makes her more tired. For every step that she takes, every move that she makes (are you singing yet?! 😁) it actually takes far more effort and energy than most people realise.

For many moons now, Evie has refused to walk. Pick me up mummy, pick me up. Most difficult to pick her up and push her sister in a pushchair. But for all these years I have done just that. To and from school. The shops. Wherever we go. Pushing a pushchair and carrying Evie.

And not only the pick me up approach but also the “I’ll-lie-down-in-the-middle-of-the-road” approach regardless of traffic, what I or anyone else says, even her own safety…..

A year ago our Physio arranged a special needs buggy which means that we can take her longer distances. She feels safe and is safe. We can experience new things which ordinarily we wouldn’t. Go further distances.

This weekend we thought that we would try a walk. With both our girls together. A little walk just above a mile, around a beautiful mere near our home. We didn’t think that we would get very far. We were prepared to carry her and her sister. This walk is so beautiful. A little beach, wide flat pathways, a stunning lake to look over, boats sailing, ducks and swans swimming……idyllic.

So we started with the promise of an ice cream as a reward as the end….

She only did it….

She part walked, part ran that mile walk…..

I credit her little sister with enticing her to go as far as she did…

She made us SO incredibly proud….they both did 🙂

We may have had to coax and cajole her along…..

By pretending to smell the promised ice cream at the end….

By Daddy going to eat it before her….

And that ladies and gents is one awesome massive step in this family’s life…….

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