Life, Love & Sisters

Life often gets in the way and you can fail to appreciate how wonderful our children are and how quickly they grow. You grow distracted by routine and work; behaviour or life events; struggles and battles. And you can miss out on what’s right under your nose….
I walked in from work today to the two biggest cuddles from our beautiful daughters. My heart became suddenly full of love for these two little gems. Evie said “I love you mummy, best mummy in the world ever!” – kudos to her dad for teaching her that nugget for Mother’s Day.
I later went through old photos thanks to my timehop app thingy-me-bob.
As I look through these photos, I see the most beautiful little girls.
evie bubbles
For Evie – a smile that lights up the world. A twinkle in her eye. The legendary hugs. The things that magic is made of. I don’t see an extra chromosome. I don’t see what the average person in the street sees. I see my daughter, who looks so much like me when I was little. I see her beautiful brown eyes, so deep and knowing. I see her silky soft hair. I feel the warmth of her love, I see the pink cheeks, the cheeky tongue that sticks out, the ears (inherited from Uncle Mark)….
For Hattie – I see curls that are to die for, the bluest of blue eyes. A temper like her Nan’s and a caring side that is beyond measure. I see her playing beautifully, learning quickly, holding conversations. I see her help Evie and then they play together. They laugh and bicker. Their relationship makes me smile every single day. Hattie sees Evie as her sister, nothing more. The girl she adores and gets so excited to collect from school. The girl who can make her laugh like no one else……..
girls park
I see them hug on the landing every morning; I see them hide under the duvet in our bed every night. I see such overwhelming love.
I see the most perfect children in the world and they’re ours.
I made this for WDSD and I think it fits my mood perfectly…..sisters don’t count chromosomes but maybe it should read that love doesn’t count chromosomes.
I couldn’t love Evie and Hattie any more than I do.
No matter what else I do in this world, I know that when I look at my children, I have created perfection.
Just wanted to share that with you💕

3 thoughts on “Life, Love & Sisters

  1. The way you described your girls relationship and qualities with such love made me cry. The youngest have special needs and needing extra of everything; time, care and attention; caused a lot of resentment as Izzy wasn’t old enough to understand but she was old enough to be aware xx

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