What A Day!





I knew on Friday night that it was going to be epic. I knew it. My timeline was full of excited people, ready with fundraising, ready with DS awareness, ready to blow the myths out of the water.

I have never been prouder than I am right now. My friends are awesome! I have never before3 had so many people tag me in photos. Thank you if you did. Thank you if you wore them in honour of WDSDS.

Just LOOK at these pics!! This year is bigger. Awareness is more. People are PROUD and stand up for those who we love! Blackpool Tower, the Empire State Building, Calgary Tower, Gateshead Millennium Bridge all lit up for WDSD – celebrating inclusion and awareness

Socks a plenty lou

Want a song to stick in your head – FOREVER?? Watch this! There is no need to thank me! 😉


The Down’s Syndrome community sticks together. Yes you have the squabbles. Is it Down syndrome or Down’s syndrome? Don’t say a DS person, it should be a person with Down’s syndrome (person always first and rightly so).

On the day, World Down’s Syndrome Day, we pull together. There is one massive aim – to raise awareness. We may raise funds for different DS charities that are important to us, but in doing so we are stepping up; we are shouting out; look at us – we are proud of our families; proud of our extra chromosomes; proud to be here and included. No more hiding in the shadows.

I don’t know if you’ve seen it but Shabang have created an awesome film this year


I love it on so many levels
1. The atmosphere – it draws you in
2. The obvious inclusion of people with DS (I will always love that!)
3. The fabulous acting
4. It challenges – we know this happened, yet we brush it under the carpet. It’s drawn out and challenged.
5. I love that it may make the ‘average’ person uncomfortable.

You see, I was ‘Mrs Boring-Average’ before Evie.
I know that some of you don’t know what to think. What’s more, I’m telling you that to feel like that is ok. Just don’t dismiss or turn your eyes away from people like us, our families, our children. I know you may feel uncomfortable but there is no need. I know you don’t believe me. I doubt you’ll understand me. But please try.

When I say that people with Down’s syndrome are just like you and me, I mean it. They are. We all want to be accepted. People with Down’s syndrome and their families do too. Help us, support us…..how? Treat us all like anyone else.

AND WHEN I thought it was all over. After I had grinned inanely at Jamie Carragher wearing his CDSSG t-shirt…..I then saw this…………………………..ladies and gents, I give you PRINCE HARRY, YES THAT IS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!! PRINCE HARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (my humble apologies to Prince Harry should you ever by some miracle read this but WOWOWOWOW! And thank you to Caroline for sharing this and making my day complete!)

NOW I love this – why?

1. He’s a Prince

2. He’s got a MAHOOSIVE public profile – hence raising awareness and acceptance of WDSD

3. Quite honestly *whispers* I LOVE a ginger – since I was 5 years old……you know who you are 😉 therefore Prince Harry has to be my favourite royal FOREVER #hatersgonnahate #lalalalala #notlistening

I hope that you’ve enjoyed Down’s Syndrome Awareness Week. I hope that you’ve worn your bright socks. And I hope that you will keep an open mind about disability. We are all the same.

What’s an extra chromosome between friends? We are all colourful and unique.




OH and finally if you didn’t get chance to donate – there is still time nudge, nudge, wink, wink….

sarah gordy


2 thoughts on “What A Day!

  1. What a fabulous day it was indeed. I’m so very proud to be a part of such an amazing family. And CONGRATULATIONS on your shiny new blog! It looks amazing. Much love Hayley x

    Liked by 1 person

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