Have you spotted my theme on the blog?

Thankful to Evie?

2013-09-01 18.39.23

Well I am. I’m thankful for her moods whether they are grumpy or angry or happy. (I prefer happy!)

I’m thankful for her hugs. Have you ever had an Evie hug? If not…try one….they should be on prescription. A force in themselves.

I’m thankful for Evie helping us to survive the losses in our lives. If I cry she hugs me….then pushes her face into mine and says “better now?” with a manic grin on her face….how can I not say “yes all better!!”

I’m thankful that she has changed me for the better, she has challenged my perceptions and attitudes. I’m thankful that Evie will challenge everyone wherever she goes.

I’m thankful that Evie teaches me something new every day. I am her student.

I’m thankful that my world isn’t straightforward. That she challenges me. That she gives me colourless (they AREN’T grey) hairs – they add character 😂.

I’m thankful that because of her I’m part of something much bigger. Part of an incredible DS community and in particular TeamT21. There is such a network of support out there for not only new parents but old ones (like me). You have a question, you ask and you get support. By sharing information this network is helping to make all of our lives easier. It makes you realise that you are not alone.

2013-03-21 09.11.07

I’m thankful that I am part of this world. The special needs parenting world. Through Evie I have the best friends. Parenting a child with additional needs can be tough, lonely and scary. The SEN world is complicated. These friends help to make it easier and fun as we navigate through it together.

I’m thankful that Evie didn’t have major heart issues only something so tiny it resolved itself in time.

I am thankful every time she achieves something new. Evie has to work so much harder to do things. When she struggles to hold a pen, she may give up as it doesn’t come easily but she will keep trying, she will get ‘there’ (wherever there is). I describe her as a smart cookie. I’ve had paediatricians and others roll their eyes when I’ve said it. But they don’t know her. She is smart. She is astute. If it is something that she is interested in then she will do it.

I am thankful that she has taught me that the only thing important in life is to be happy. Yes it’s important to achieve and be the best that you can be, but I have been made to re-evaluate what ‘best’ is. Best is happy not a selfish happy but one where my children are absolutely first, where we don’t care what people think, where we fight to make sure that they get what they need to be happy.

What are you truly thankful for?





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