Hellooooooooooooooooooo world!


Well I thought that I would join the madding crowd and dip my toes into the blogging world. I seem to have a great deal to say, so thought I may as well vent it in a constructive *coughs* manner.

So who am I?

Kirsty *waves* (30 something-ish), married mum of three (2 girls aged 6 and 2, one angel baby boy), master of none.

I intend to use this blog for the purpose of good, and perhaps be a smidgen of devilment. What do you need to know? Well I’m invariably right about everything 😉 or at least, I think that I am and that is the same thing in my book. This blog is called “It’s all about Evie” as it will be all about my delicious 6 year old daughter. Her trials, her tribulations, her life and ours. She happens to have an extra copy of chromosome 21 more commonly known as Down’s Syndrome


this ev

Today is the start of Down’s Syndrome Awareness week. Saturday 21st March is World Down’s Syndrome Day where the DS community (yes, we call ourselves a community) celebrate all the wonderful people with Down’s Syndrome. It’s the day where we invite you to wear Lots of Socks, the more bright and beautiful the better to help us raise awareness and more than that, acceptance of disability.

So will you join us? Will you stand with us that day in your brightest socks? Watch out world we’re coming to get you!


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